Virtual Villagers 2 App Reviews

99 add


Maybe ab good game but it always chrashes when in try to play it so only one star




It is the best game EVER!!!!!!!!! Get the game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is a good game but it keeps crashing on me! This really gets annoying! Like when ever I turn the game on it waits for a few seconds then quits! Does any one else have this problem? Then when I dont touch it gor a while it freezes then when I tap it, it quits! Also when i cant get on then my tribe dies and i have to start over! Plzz fix these problems then maybe I will buy the third game. For the good parts this is a fun game that id why I hate the crashing. The little people are really neat but plzz stop giving then the stupid names I know your trying to make them sound all ancient and everything but they are really stupid! Over all fairly good game just fix the crashing.


Awsome app!! Worth the $1.99 just wish there was updates.. To give us more to do



Good but...

GOSH! To many crashes! Dont buy till there is bug fixes

New update pls!!!!!!!!!!!

This games begins to load then crashes! DO NOT buy this till there is an update. And can I get my toonie back please?


This game would be great if it didnt crash. Fix it please!!!!


The builder have not infinity traning without that is a very good virtual villager best of the first but not the last one.

What crashes?

This game is great, I think you need OS4 or whatever if you want this to work. It works perfectly and is a great game.

Great game!

Fun game but does anybody know how to get rid of the algae? Or does it eventually go away? Thanks!

Great game, stable (v1.00)

This is and always will be a great game. I used to own the PC version, but I eventually lost it. Adapted amazingly well for the iPod! I love most of Last Day Of Works games, especially the Virtual Villagers series. It keeps you coming back for more, with many puzzles to solve. Works great on my iPod touch 3G, no crashes whatsoever. Many others complain about constant crashes, but I have had none - this version of Virtual Villagers was made for the iOS 4, I think; so maybe it will not work on earlier versions of the OS. Great game, always great company, A+, 100% Recommended to anyone who likes having something new almost all the time.


Omg wut it crashes. And Whenever I press the icon it goes to the logo sign then goes back to the iPod menu... Please fix thix or I want my $1.99 back!


Been playing this great game for nearly 2 years, however I updated it 2 days ago & how I wish I had not!! The adults have become way too small, its hard to tell the difference between the children & adults now! & the text is too big! Oh well time for a new game I suppose!!


I love this app so much. For the person that doesnt know how to build a fire: u just get some villager to get wood and dry grass (near the coconut trees) for the fire. Then drag them ontop of the fire and they will start it. For tech points just get villagers to research.

Great, but...

Awesome app but every time one of my villagers master something all the people die! Something is seriously wrong there.

Not worth 1.99

The tech points needed are way to high. Ever time I turn off the game birds eat my seeds. Not enough stuff to build. And finally you run out of food to quick. Dont buy just a disappointment.

Awsome but...

This is an awsome app it is so fun and time killing, BUT this app kills my battery pretty fast and as stated in an earlier review I have to restart my iPod every hour or so because of memory issues that need to be fixed. Also my villagers leave my command when they are not under my supervision. If these problems are fixed I would rate 5 stars.

Awesome app

This app is great! The only problem is I cant figure out how to make the birds go away :(

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